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Welcome to Lonewa.  We're a modern furniture and home accessories company from Louisiana, with a love for mid-century and Danish design. Our mission is to take our influences with the intention of evolving them into smart, multifunctional, and classic designs that will be appreciated for years to come.

As a team of two, with extensive knowledge in wood craftsmanship and conceptual design, every aspect of production is either in-house or locally sourced in Louisiana.  All raw materials or components are made in the USA.  


T H E   T E A M
FRANK SAMPOGNARO - Lead Design // Sourcing // Marketing & Media
With a formal background in Business, and a long relationship with graphic design and digital media, I've been able to blend the two worlds for a method to my inspirations.  Since my childhood, both facets have been part of my DNA - from staring at every detail of my grandmothers expansive, glass-filled mid-century home, to drawing Marvel comic characters and selling them to classmates during recess (later forced by teachers to give the money back, failing my first business).  Since then, I've started and been part of several successful ventures, but Lonewa is more personal. 
KYLE SNELLENBERGER - Design // Woodcraft // Sourcing

With a formal background in Construction, and building furniture and renovating homes since a kid with my dad, I feel most comfortable in a woodshop.  In the past few years, I've focused my attention towards furniture design.  I've become very versatile in design techniques and materials, since being the lead designer at reputable handmade furniture company in the South and developing custom pieces for many clients.  Lonewa has been a step towards focusing this experience into pieces that showcase my passion and illustrating that minimal design can create a bigger impact.